"No Motivation Club" Enamel Pin

"No Motivation Club" Enamel Pin

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Product details:
- Size: 1.25"
- SoftĀ enamel with solid color
-Ā Gold metal


Pin grading:
Please note thatĀ because the enamel pin production process includes both machinery and physical hand detailing, it is almost impossible forĀ them to beĀ "perfect" or without slight inconsistencies. While I do my best to offer the highest-quality product to you,Ā it is normal for myĀ A-GradeĀ (or "Standard") pinsĀ to have the followingĀ minor cosmetic imperfections:

ā€“ Superficial marks or scratches only visible at certain lighting or angles
- Small smudges or nicks on the back side of pin
- Minimal dots or bubbles on the metal plating or enamel
- Very small amount of dips in enamel

B-GradeĀ ("Seconds") pins will have more of the above but with major flaws such as higher amount of dust, metal oxidation, larger area of scratches, and dips in enamel.



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