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Shop news

Happy May!

I hope you all had a relaxing April! It's super crazy that we're already getting closer to summer! Looking forward to more sunny days. :)

Thank you all again for your orders during last Friday's small shop update!  Luckily, nothing has sold out too quickly during this shop update (is that weird for a shop owner to say? 😂), so hopefully you all were able to get a hold of the club pins that had run out last time! I always feel bad when things sell out fast because it just adds big stress to the whole shopping process. I know it's just the way of things sometimes, but I still wish I could have more items available! The reality is that I operate out of one room of my apartment, so it's hard to store a large quantity of stock. If I could have an endless pocket of merch, that would be amazing.

I also released a sticker sheet with my new strawberry cow original character, Jam! It's been really fresh to draw something new! It also gave me a chance to break out my Silhouette cutting machine. This thing used to give me so much crap, but for some weird reason it decided to just work without much trouble?! Anyways! I hope you enjoy the sticker sheet because it was a miracle LOL.

Look forward to more sticker sheets in the future!

International shipping:

Thank you to all my international customers for waiting! I had a couple of shipping tests done and it looks like the shipping times are current around 6 weeks minimum. I am still testing a bit, but I think June will be a safe time to reopen international delivery. And don't worry! All products currently in the shop will be restocked when i'm ready to open again. Thanks again!


As for a life update: things have been getting super busy! Again, super thankful to have a side-gig while running my shop during a pandemic but I'm so tired. 😂 How you do manage your stress? I've been trying to reground myself by writing out my thoughts and figuring out my stress sources and what I can do to ease it by even 5%. Also a nice deep breath has been very nice. Don't forget to breathe! 

I hope you all are staying safe and are managing your stress well during these times as well. Always remember that you're not alone and to reach out to your loved ones and people of support if you're ever feeling overwhelmed. 

That's all for now for my May update! Take care and don't forget to be kind!

Chat again soon!

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